WX102.jpgThe WX10 started on paper in 2006, with the first production car available in early 2009.  Improvements were made over the  previous model WR1000 in all major areas: drivetrain, aerodynamics, weight, safety, reliability and ease of maintenance.  The bodywork is completely redesigned to be more aerodynamic and with less drag than the previous model.  West now offers more powerplant choices than anyone – you can have your car built with a Honda CBR1000, Suzuki GSXR or Kawasaki ZX10R.  Downforce is greatly increased through a completely redesigned rear wing, tunnel extractor and front diffuser – all matched to the extremely successful tunnel floor system from the  WR1000.  All components were designed in CAD (computer aided design) and the aerodynamic performance of the tunnel, wing, diffuser and bodywork was verified with advanced CFD testing.

Over 50 additional improvements have been made to the WX10, yet at the same time, West has kept the proven elements from the previous model, ultimately giving you a proven design package with the latest advances in aerodynamics, performance and power!   And the results are starting to speak for themselves!  The WX10 has won many National SCCA events competing against the best manufacturers in its class – Stohr, Speads, Radical, Elan, and many others (all more expensive cars)!

MPC_0097.jpgThe WX10 can be built specifically for the class of racing you desire.  A more advanced version is available for SCCA racing, using the latest technologies and composites (lightweight materials, carbon fiber brakes are just a few examples).  And a “spec” version is available for the IMSA Prototype Lites series at a much lower price point.  The WX10 currently runs in Prototype ites L2 (exclusively), SCCA National and Regional DSR, SCCA National and Regional CSR,  NASA, PBOC, track day events and more! The WX10 was specifically designed to be easy to drive for the novice, yet challenging for the advanced or semi-pro driver.  Handling is neutral, braking is incredible and the power of the engine is a rush!  Download the WX10 brochure here for additional specs.

And combined with the service and support provided by the West factory, you will always be covered when you need parts or service for your car.  For more information on the WX10 sportsracer or the West factory race team feel free to contact West at (800) 288-WEST or sales@westracecars.com



  • Powered by your choice of a Honda CBR1000, Suzuki GSXR or Kawasaki ZX10R.
  • Performance engine packages available for increased horsepower and torque
  • Obtains speeds of over 160mph and can pull over 3Gs of force at full speed
  • Obtains over 1,000 pounds of downforce at 120mph


  • 6-speed transmission with multiple shift options, from bump shifters to paddle shifting
  • Fully adjustable inboard suspension
  • AIM dash with optional data logging, video, F1 wheel dash and more
  • Lightweight racing packages available for competition in DSR racing


  • Designed with up to date aerodynamic priniciples used by the latest Lemans cars
  • Highly tuned CF-designed tunnel floor system
  • Bi-plane rear wing with lower tunnel extractor
  • High downforce front diffuser with crashbox
  • Carbon wheel louvers and dive planes


  • Cockpit surrounded by 1” thick carbon fiber
 panels, bonded to chassis
  • Front diffuser acts as crash panel on impact
  • Roll hoops over driver body and knees
  • 6-point safety harness with full HANS support
  • Spa Fire extinguisher system


  • West custom designed dry sump system provides rock solid oil pressure at all times
  • Proven chassis design with thousands of miles logged
  • Engine easy to maintain and inexpensive to
  • Maintenance costs extremely low compared
 to anything else in this performance range


  • Aircraft grade hardware used throughout the build
  • Ultra-light composites made with highest quality materials, from honeycomb cores to epoxy glass and carbon fiber
  • Tig welded Chrome Moly steel chassis offers lighter weight and stronger welds
  • All subcomponents of highest quality (Ohlins, Wilwood, Tilton, Campbell, others)
  • Multi-check quality control provided throughout the assembly.